Streaming highlight – Why we love Stan TV

What is Stan TV?

Let’s start with the basics of the basic… what or who is Stan? Stan TV is an Australian subscription-based streaming service provider with a wide range of content.

Over the last few years, streaming has become the preferred way to watch TV in Australia. It is extremely convenient as you choose when, where and on which device you wish to view the content.

Also, It is inexpensive and compatible with busy lifestyles. Another reason is It alleviates the need for set-top boxes and does not require a long term contract.

The best shows on Stan

Time to get out the popcorn! There are literally hundreds of tv shows and movies streaming on Stan, way too many to list them all here. But if you’re looking for your next binge-worthy show, a few popular shows worth mentioning include:


Call Saul Breaking Bad
Wolf Creek (exclusive rights) Twin Peaks (exclusive rights)
Preacher (exclusive rights) Transparent (exclusive rights)
Supernatural (every episode) The Spanish Princess

Avengers Infinity War


I, Tonya

Community (every episode)

You can also keep up to date with upcoming shows, with Stan’s Previews.

Worth the mention.


With the April 2019 release of Avengers: Endgame, we’re sure there are lots of you wanting to catch up on or revisit some of the Marvel movie series. Many of your favourite Marvel movies are available on Stan.


Kid shows are a must for any good streaming service, and Stan doesn’t let you down. In December 2018, Stan introduced a range of Disney content including Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, LucasArts and Disney.

Disney, in particular, is a big feature, including many of the old favourites such as Snow White and the seven dwarfs (1937), Jungle Book (1967) and Beauty and the Beast (1991).

Netflix or Stan: Which streaming service is the best?

While Netflix may remain the most popular option for Australian streaming services, Stan has held its own with the larger providers. Answering which is the BEST streaming service is difficult, as they all have a great variety of tv shows and movies available. It’s also a personal choice, each service will have its own value.

If you aren’t sure which streaming service is the best one for you, we’d highly recommend taking advantage of the special offers that are available. For example, you can try Stan’s 30-day free trial before you sign up. You can also cancel at any time making the streaming app flexible and with no lock-ins.

How much is Stan?

Compared to the other subscription-based services, Stan is pretty competitive and reasonable with its pricing. The start-up subscription is $10 per month (as at May 2019) and this gives you access to great features including unlimited access to TV shows and movies, access to Stan-exclusive shows, and access through any of your devices that can connect to Stan including your TCL television. All content is available in 1080 resolution, which is Full HD.

On top of that, you can upgrade your subscription to either the Standard or Premium packages for only a few dollars extra. The higher level packages give you the ability to use multiple screens at the same time
more devices (phones and tablets) which you can download videos to
HD, and 4K Ultra HD (Premium subscription only)

Why should I choose Stan?

There are subtle yet important differences between streaming services. Content is key and when it comes to content Stan has very popular shows. It has access to a huge amount of movie and TV content.

  1. As of June 2018, Stan had just over 350 tv shows and just over 1,000 movies. It’s most popular shows are exclusive to Stan, such as RuPaul and Zombie.
  2. The children’s content is second to none. Stan has partnerships with Viacom, Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr and others. The draw card is the Disney association. Stan also comes with parental controls giving parents a better say over what content their children absorb.
  3. Stan streams their exclusive content live from overseas which really makes them a global player in the streaming space. You can also download from Stan and watch shows later on other devices.
  4. Stan is very comparable on price and gives the best viewing quality for your chosen device. All content is viewed in full HD quality with the basic $10 package and 4K for a $15 package.
  5. It is compatible with a full range of personal devices as well as Chromecast. You can have up to 6 devices connected to your Stan account, 3 of them can be used simultaneously.

Stan made history in 2016. It was the first streaming service nominated for a Logie. One of its star rating shows, No Activity, was nominated for 3 awards.

Can I watch Stan overseas?

Stan is an Australian service that does not have a global presence, so, unfortunately, it’s service is not available outside of Australia. They do however give you the ability to download your favourite tv shows and movies. So if you are planning to travel you can prepare ahead and continue to binge on your favourite shows.


Stan on your TCL TV

Streaming apps including Stan can be watched on most devices these days such PS3/PS4’s, XBOX One, computers/laptops, Fetch TV, your phone or tablet, and Apple TV.
Our favourite, of course, is the accessibility of Stan streaming through your TCL Smart TV. The Stan app is easy to access and can provide yourself and your family with hours of entertainment.

If you are not sure if your TV can connect to Stan refer to our list of compatible devices and setup instructions.

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