TCL which size TV is best for you?

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Does Size Really Matter

Some people look at a 32” led tv and wonder what purpose such a small television would have in their home.

32 inch led televisions are the most versatile size of all. They provide a range of uses that can be interchangeable in the home. If you have a small area, a study or small rumpus room and you don’t want the tv to be the focus of the area, at 32 inches is the perfect size.

You may have an open plan kitchen/living area with the children often watching their kid’s channels. You could have a 32 inch tv mounted in a convenient area for viewing in the kitchen and watch the news or your favourite show whilst cooking dinner. They could be watching your shows whilst they’re watching theirs.

Considering a 32” TV? The answer to these questions may help you decide:

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  • Do you need to replace a computer monitor?
  • Would a tv in the toilet help toilet training?
  • What do you buy for the man who has everything? A tv in the toilet!
  • How do you tax deduct your latest tv purchase?

Maybe you’re looking at a 40 inch TV?

They can suit a home bar area for sports to be watched. They are also a popular size in the bedroom.

They are a cheaper option and easy to move from a bedroom, kitchen or small area if you want to change its location. They are also easy to pack up and take to another premises when moving.

40 inch led TVs are often the choice of gamers. They can fit easily into a bedroom or rumpus room without everyone having to be stuck with the gaming tv in the main loungeroom.

40 inch led TVs often support some of the up to date technology the bigger tv offer, including Smart TV, gaming, 4K and full HD. Just make sure you have all the cabling required to support whatever purpose the tv is serving.

40 inch TVs are small enough to have on a stand or if you wanted even less conspicuous, they can be wall mounted as well.

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Still looking for something bigger?

55-65 inch led TVs are a very common size being purchased in Australia today. They suit most living areas and can be the preferred size in many home theatre rooms.

What size tv you should put in a room is always subjective. The common theme however, is bigger is better. Be realistic though, you wouldn’t put a 55 inch in a small bedroom but in a larger room, if you are torn between two sizes, the bigger size is rarely regretted.

Many boardrooms now have TVs installed for presentation purposes. These rooms are generally sizeable and cope well with a larger tv, such as a 55-65 inch.

If you have a sizeable outdoor pergola area, a 55- 65 inch tv will add a great feel to your outdoor experience. You could be watching sport, have music videos playing or your favourite music channel in the background.

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