What is Freeview Plus?

Freeview Plus* provides access to content and services from the Freeview networks. The FreeviewPlus service provides a 7+ day Electronic Program Guide, all available Catch Up TV on the TV, recommendations and the ability to set reminders and favourites. Freeview Plus is available by pressing the Green button on the remote control.
*Freeview Plus uses HbbTV technology which combines broadcast and broadband. Internet connection is required. Data usage charges and conditions apply.
FreeView Plus

When did Freeview Start?

Launched back in 2008, Freeview began as a service that aggregates all free-to-air TV content into one place for Australians. It now includes more channels and offers a great catch-up service, so you need never miss an episode of your favourite show.

Is Freeview Plus Free?

The Freeview Plus service is free, however it must be connected to a broadband connection and keep in mind, any data used will be counted towards your broadband plan.

Is it available in regional areas?

As it works through various developmental stages across regional Australia, you can always confirm if it is available on the Freeview website.

How does it work?

Catch up

Now you can access all of the available catch-up TV programs in one place on
your TV.

Go backwards in the program guide to find available catch-up programs or go straight to the networks catch-up service.


Keep all your favourites in one place under My TV.

Recommended FOR YOU

Want help picking a program to watch? You can now view Featured Programs in My TV.

Also when you are in a show page, look out for recommendations under ‘More Like This’ based on your program viewing.

SET Reminders

If there’s a program you don’t want to miss, simply set a reminder.

Freeview Plus will let you know when your program is about to start. That way, you won’t miss a thing!


Looking for a specific show or movie?

Freeview Plus makes it easy to find your favourite programs and discover new ones.


Find out what’s on over the next seven days and go backwards to see what is available on catch-up TV.

Freeview Plus lets you keep watching while you browse other channels and shows.


Record your favourite shows with a Freeview Plus personal video recorder.

All you need is

1. Aerial

2. Broadband

3. Certified Receiver

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