FreeView Plus

What is Freeview Plus?

Free to air networks have joined forces to create content, for what we all know as Freeview Plus. Allowing access to live streaming and catch-up television, it brings you so much TV in the one place. The system is built around the Hybrid Broadcasting Broadband TV (HbbTV) standard, designed to integrate TV broadcasts and streaming video.

Where is Freeview Plus available?

Freeview Plus is available in most areas within Australia. If you are looking to purchase a TV with the capability to access Freeview Plus, we recommend that you visit the Freeview Australia website to make sure you have full access to your area.

What channels are available on Freeview Plus?

As of June 2019, Freeview Plus gives access to 25+ channels and heaps of great Australian television content.


  • FreeViewPlus have a plethora of services. Firstly, it is the modern day equivalent of the video recorder. You can record your favourite shows on it without having to have an external device. All these shows will be in one place on your TV.
  • It also becomes your TV guide.  You can look at what is coming up in the next 7 days and go backwards to see what is on Catch Up TV.  It allows you to continue to watch something, whilst you scroll for other shows and channels.
  • Browse and search if you’re not sure what you’re in the mood to watch. You can browse by category and then punch in the title of the show you wish to view.
  • Keep your favourites, access them at any time and binge watch if you choose.  FreeViewPlus will also notify you when it is about to expire in Catch Up.
  • Set reminders so you will never miss your favourites.  The TV will tell you when the show is about to come on.
  • For a visual guide, go to the Australian Freeview website and you can watch a step by step instructional video on how to setup FreeViewPlus and all the features it allows.

When did Freeview start?

Launched back in 2008, Freeview was promoted as Australia’s free to air service to provide content to all Australians. Since its beginning, it now includes more channels, as well as a catch-up service, delivering to all of us Australia wide.

Is Freeview Plus free?

Even though provided by Freeview Australia for free,  connecting to the service will require a broadband connection and keep in mind, any data used will be counted towards your broadband plan.

Is it available in regional areas?

As it works through various developmental stages across regional Australia, you can always confirm if it is available on the Freeview website.

Catch Up
Access all of the available catch-up TV programs and never miss out on your favourite shows. With the Freeview Plus catch-up service, you’ll never miss a favourite show.
Electronic Program Guide
Check out whats coming up in the next seven days, or see what you’ve missed and find it on catch-up TV. Freeview Plus gives you the power at your fingertips.
Browse & Search
Looking for something specific? A favourite movie or TV show? Freeview Plus makes allows you to easily find your favourite programs.
Freeview Plus Record
Record all your favourite TV shows & movies from the Freeview Plus personal video recorder. Save them up for a day of binge-watching with friends and family.
Freeview Plus Favourites
Whether it’s a timely classic, or an amazing series you can watch again and again, record your favourite shows with Freeview Plus.
Freeview Reminders
If you have a favourite show coming up, utilise the power of Freeview Plus and set a reminder. You’ll never miss another great show.
Freeview Recommend
Need some help picking a program to watch? Keep an eye out for recommendations under ‘More Like This’, which Freeview has based on the shows you watch.
Freeview Explore TV
A personal option allowing you to enjoy programs you enjoy viewing, based on Live TV, Catch Up, Favourites plus Recommended For You.

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