65E5900US 4K Smart TV

4K Smart TV with Ultra High Definition

TCL 4K Smart TV models come with the best built-in features and it ticks off all the boxes for aesthetics. Check out the amazing features of these 4K Smart TV models boasting Ultra High Resolution, vibrant colours, and loaded with value backed by our iron-clad 3-year warranty.

What does UHD 4K Smart TV technology mean to you?

This new range of 4k Smart TV has everything, in addition to Ultra High Definition (UHD) technology. As a result, it surpasses its predecessors in crispness and clarity.

From the humble beginnings of standard definition (SD), came high definition 1080p (HD), now we have the world beating ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION (UHD)! It is unsurpassed in crispness and clarity.

With all this accessibility to content, your viewing experience will be extraordinary and in the highest definition available. You will have the latest connectivity of any TV available on the market. 

The UHD 4K TV range has access to Netflix, Go Live, Freeview Plus along with Apps which for Smart TVs allow you to browse the web, stream media, play games, check social media and watch your favourite videos on YouTube.  

Another feature of these 4K tvs – Video on demand.  On most modern TV’s, you can watch Catch up TV including ABC iView, 7 Plus etc, but Smart TV allows you to access other dedicated genre channels not offered on all TVs. eg music or sport.

Other features can include curved screen to maximize your viewing experience, Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and built in WiFi and Screen Mirroring enabling you to display the screen of a mobile device on a TV through Miracast technology.

Adding another technological layer, the GoLive accessibility allows you to stream international content from around the world.

If you want the best TV technology on the market, you need to choose from the TCL 4K UHD Smart TV range.

Featured TVs

65 inch LED TV with QUHD 4K Smart TV

An exceptional premium UHD 4K TV series with an ultra sleek design, Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and Black Crystal Display technology. The 4K smart TV sets the standard in great picture quality.

65C1US 4K Smart TV

Smart  TCL Features:

  • Ultra High Definition Resolution
  • Black Crystal Display
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
  • Powerful and high refined sound experience
  • Realistic colour expression

65 inch LED TV with 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

The TCL E5900 4K smart TV series offers high performance multi-core processors & a great smart TV performance. This 4K smart TV with an ultra sleek premium design is also fitted with great connectivity options.

65E5900US 4K Smart TV

Smart TCL Features:

  • Ultra High Definition Resolution
  • Smart TV
  • Quad Core CPU & GPU
  • Enhances your TV viewing experience
  • Cinematic Image Experience

The 4K Smart TV lineup by TCL feature brilliant and vibrant colours and a rich theatre experience right in the comfort of your own home. Learn more about our UHD 4K TV models below:

What do you need to consider when choosing your TV?

What resolution screen will you need? Full HD TV offers you a 1080p Full HD resolution, consisting of 1920 pixels x 1080 (1080p), which can be up to 5x sharper than a normal TV. Ultra HD TV has 2160 pixels x 1080 resolution and when you step up to 4K Ultra HD TV, you’re looking at 3840 pixels by 2160, offering you 4x the picture resolution of Full HD. This equates to around 8 million pixels which is 4x what a 1080p screen can display.

What size TV will best fit the room? From a simple 32 inch LED TV to a big screen suitable for a home theatre, you’ll need to consider how much space you have to work with. As a basic rule for most TV’s, you should be able to sit back about three times the height of the TV. When it comes to a 4K Ultra HD TV, a recommended distance is approximately 1.5x the height of the TV screen.

What is Smart TV? Quite simply, Smart TV, also known as Internet TV, is any TV that has internet connectivity. Some of the Apps TCL Smart TVs run are Netflix (provider of TV shows and movies accessible only online), HBBTV (Both standard and free to air services – Freeview Plus) and Go Live (The ability to stream international content from around the world).